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Like other programming language TCL also support decision making using control structure like if -else, switch. As you might know that everything is command in TCL, including if-else and switch. if statement validate expression and if expression is true then, block of statement written under if statement is executed. Here is syntax of if else. The conditional statement syntax is a little strange at first but it helps to remember that Tcl is a scripting language where everything is a string and new lines indicate the end of a command. The conditional statement syntax is. if expression1 then body1 elseif expression2 then body2 elseif expressionN then bodyN else bodyN1. if语句可以跟着一个可选的else语句,else语句块执行时,布尔表达式是假的。 语法 在Tcl语言的if. else语句的语法是: ifboolean_expressionstatements will execute if the boolean expression is. 13/03/2017 · TCL also has construct for if-else. This video will show you how to use if-else in tcl programming. BodyN may also be omitted as long as else is omitted too. The return value from the command is the result of the body script that was executed, or an empty string if none of the expressions was non-zero and there was no bodyN. KEYWORDS boolean, conditional, else, false, if, true Last change.

if語句可以跟着一個可選的else語句,else語句塊執行時,布爾表達式是假的。 語法 在Tcl語言的if. else語句的語法是: ifboolean_expressionstatements will execute if the boolean expression is. Google "De Morgan's Theorem". English is unfortunately very lax when it comes to logic and I see this problem mostly when people try to convert the concept of "neither". if语句包含一个布尔表达式后跟一个或多个语句。 语法 Tcl语言的if语句的语法是: if boolean_expression statements will execute if the boolean expression is true 如果代码里布尔表达式的值为真,.

08/11/2007 · The if command is used to execute scripts dependent on a certain condition. This article discusses the rules for the if command as well as details on the format and use of TCL expressions. Other articles in the series: iRules 101. Tclのifコマンドは、条件に基づいてブログラムの流れを変えるコマンドです。. elseputs "入力した数字は奇数以外です。"[実行例] $./odd.tcl 数字を入力してください:23 入力した数字は奇数です。. The Control Flow If Condition The Syntax: iftest1 body1elseiftest2 body2elsebodynIf you don't like the curly brackets, you can take them out. But then, you will have to give the full thing in one line. I know that after you had a look at that syntax, you are still wondering what in the world that was.

Tcl의 변수에는 타입이 없습니다. 타입을 의식하지 않고 문자열이나 정수를 변수에 대입할수 있습니다. set 커맨드는, 변수에 값을 대입합니다. set 커맨드로 값을 생략하고,. if, elseif, else. Sets as lists. Tcl's lists are well suited to represent sets. Here's typical set operations. If you use the tiny testing framework explained earlier, the e.g. lines make the self-test; otherwise they just illustrate how the operations should work. else/elseif 要跟在 if 执行命令体的后面一个花括号后,不能分行,要有空格间隔花括号和 else /elseif。 3.花括号括起的表达式、执行命令体或者其他内容相当于变量存在,所以前后与其他命令元素之前要有空格,否则 Tcl 会返回语法错误。. 名称if - 执行一个条件脚本 语法if expr1 ?then? body1 elseif expr2 ?then? body2 elseif. ?else? ?bodyN?描述if命令把expr1当作表达式来执行,表达式的值必须是一个布尔数(数值0代表假其它的数值代表真,字符变量true和yes代表真,false和no代表假),如果是真那么执行bod. 具体操作之后的花括号另起一行,要和elseif 或 else. 目录Tcl变量变量命名动态类型数学表达式TCL运算符算术运算符关系运算符逻辑运算符位运算符三元运算符Tcl运算符优先级Tcl算术运算符例子Tcl关系运算符例子Tcl逻辑运算符示例Tcl位运算符示例Tc.

Tcl嵌套if-else語句它始終是合法的,這意味着可以使用一個 if 或 else if 在另一 if 或 else if 聲明中。 語法 嵌套if語句的語法如下: ifboolean_expression 1Executes when the boolean expression 1. Tcl is a competitor to other scripting languages like awk, Perl, Python, PHP, Visual Basic, Lua, Ruby, and whatever else will come along. Each of these has strengths and weaknesses, and when some are similar in suitability, it finally becomes a matter of taste. Points in favour of Tcl.

23/07/2016 · Summary: This tutorial shows a collection of Perl if, else, and else if examples. Here are some examples of the Perl if/else syntax, including the “else if” syntax, which is really elsif. I wrote this because after working with many different languages I can never remember the “else if” syntax for most languages, and elsif is pretty rare.. ytest というコマンドを作る。内容は ----- ytest の内容 ----- !/bin/sh tcl/tk では test コマンドを使うと戻り値が 0 以外のときにエラーとなって関数の実行がそこで打ち切られてしまうので、苦肉の策として、独自のテストコマンド ytest を作成する。.

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