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09/05/2017 · The Multi Rig. Hidden under the radar for so long, then over the last few years it has become widely popular with carp anglers, both within the UK and overseas. But what makes this rig the go-to method for so many? The mechanics of the Multi are very similar to a Chod, a Stiff Hinge or a 360 rig. A creation of Mr Mike Kavanagh, The Multi rig is a superbly effective and versatile rig. Not only is it a fantastic carp catcher but its also incredibly simple to tie, essentially it consists of a length of coated braid with an overhand loop of around an inch to an inch and a half tied at the hook end, the coating of t. How to tie the multi rig - A detailed how to rig guide, with easy to follow photos, description plus a list of the tackle you'll need to tie this big carp rig. There can be little doubt of the qualities the Multi Rig possess, Here we show you how to tie it. The Multi Rig - Carp rigs by Angling Iron. A creation of Mr Mike Kavanagh, The Multi rig is a superbly effective and versatile rig. Not only is it a fantastic carp catcher but its also incredibly simple to tie. Multi Rig Here's how Urban Carp Collective founder, John Lam, ties and fishes his version of the world famous Multi Rig. It’s been over 20 years since Mike Kavanagh first wrote about the Multi Rig.

Discover ideas about Carp Fishing Tips. Multi Rig. Carp Fishing Tips Carp Fishing Bait Fishing Tools Fishing Gifts. Multi Rig. The multi rig is a really versatile carp rig that can be used anywhere. This rig is definitely more suited when used in conjunction with pop-ups. Suggested Materials: Fox Coretex Matt Coated Braid, Fox Arma Point SR Hook, Fox Curo 3.7mm Rig Ring, Fox Multi. A tailored Multi Rig. Jim Wilson shows you how to tie his tailored multi rig when carp fishing for big carp.

02/03/2018 · In reply to Post 19 Mugga again for me I don't like the way they sit on a hook with an out turned eye especially with pop ups,the beauty of the rig is you can chop and change hook patterns until you find something that works for you.In fact it's got to the point that it is about the only rig I use tied with rigamarole hydrolink. De Multi rig is de rig waar vrijwel alle grote Rainbow vissen op worden gevangen en dat zegt mijns inziens wel genoeg over hoe doeltreffend deze rig kan zijn! De Multi Rig is een rig waar al heel veel grote vissen op gevangen zijn! Werking van de Multi rig. De Multi rig kan gebruikt worden voor zowel bodem-aas als voor pop-up presentaties. 12/05/2017 · I still haven't tried this rig, from what ive seen on youtube/dvd you are able to tell if you have been done by a carp because the loop slides tight up the shank of hook to indicate this, but surely it wouldnt be fishing right after this has happened, if it was then surely there would be no need for the d/loop section going down the shank. 04/11/2016 · Ive made a few multi rigs out of kryston snake skin, semi stiff, needed to steam to get it straight. Normally i use the esp coated soft stuff, i hope it doesnt lose its straightness when in the water and start to go coily. Any thoughts? Trying to adapt the rig but its hard to improve it Sent from.

08/07/2018 · Hey everyone, I have been using the standard multi rig for a while now, this year I have changed both the hook link material and the hook themselves this weekend I have had three hook pulls, so at the moment Im using the esp tungsten loaded semi stiff hook link with a. In today’s video I’m going to show you, step by step, how to tie one of my favourite pop up Carp Rigs – the Multi Rig. I’ve enjoyed great results with this over the years and by the end of this blog post and video, I hope you too can further improve your catch rate with this reliable classic. Multi Rig. Multi Rig. Visit. Discover ideas about Fly Fishing For Carp. Visit. Discover ideas about Fly Fishing For Carp. Multi Rig. 24/04/2017 · Both great rigs but for me the Hinged stiff rig is my preferred choice. i just like the loops either end and the way it settles also the movement makes it harder for the fish to deal with the multi i find is a little bit one dimensional on the movement part over clay or gravel i would use the multi but silt and weed is deffo a job for the. The Multi Rig offers broadly similar mechanics to the HSR in that the hookbait sits on a D and the hooklink just below the hook sits at an angle to promote a positive fast reaction when sucked in. Carp Rig Tying The BCR Multi Rig.

How to tie a Hinged Multi rig - The Hinged Multi rig as the name implies is a hybrid of the Hinged stiff rig and the Multi rig. It's a neat and subtle carp rig that that offer the fantastic turning. 03/05/2009 · I used something very similar using an arma point ssbp for pop-ups and a coated braid. Tied one up with a longshank hook but after suffering a few missed runs and a hook pull i stopped using long shank hooks so i never got round to using that actual rig. Korda 30lbs n trap soft hook link. my favorite rig, This rig WILL catch you more fish. Multi rig x 5. after the hooks go blunt from catching fish simply remove the hook and slide another one on and re use the boom part its that simple when you hook a fish the loop pulls tight up to the hook eye see pics after unhooking the fish just pull the. The “multi-rig” as it is widely known is a rig that you can cast almost anywhere to showing fish or position on gravel, silt or even light weed just by adjusting the height of the popup, this really is a versatile rig. Onze Ronnie-rigs zijn zorgvuldig samengesteld door ervaren vissers en hebben zich over vele jaren bewezen als ideale pop up montage. Uiteraard zijn al onze rigs handgeknoopt van de allerbeste materialen uit het Carp Whisperer gamma. Op deze manier kan jij zorgeloos met de perfecte Ronnie-rig.

This Pin was discovered by Paul. Discover and save your own Pins on Pinterest. This Pin was discovered by Paul. Discover and save your own Pins on Pinterest. Multi Rig How to Tie for Big Carp Fishing. Carp Rigs Carp Fishing Rigs Kayak Fishing Gear Fishing Reels Fishing Equipment Fishing Knots Trout Fishing Fly Fishing Fishing Tips. De Multi Rig is ontworpen door Mike Kavanagh, maar staat tevens bekend als de ‘Johnny Mac Rig’, omdat Johnny ontzettend succesvol met deze onderlijn is geweest. Het voornaamste voordeel van de Multi Rig is de mogelijkheid om de haak binnen no-time.

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